Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Questions

How can I upgrade my membership from a single day to the full-weekend?

The best approach is to print out a new registration form with the changes, add a note explaining that you wish to upgrade to the full weekend, and include a check for the difference between the two membership prices.

I pre-registered; will you mail my tickets or do I pick them up at the con?

All pre-registration memberships are "Will Call." When you arrive at the Hunt Valley Inn on August 1, you'll need to go to the downstairs portion of the convention area. Pick up your badge, program book, and other membership materials just around the corner from the foot of the escalator.

I purchased a ticket for Richard Dean Anderson's Q&A session, will I have my seat number in advance?

Seats are sold on a first-come, first-served basis and your seat assignment will be based on when your payment is received. Your seat assignment will be among the materials you receive when you arrive at the convention.

When will registration open?

Pre-registration opened on October 14. Advance registration will remain open until July 15, 2014, after which registration will only be available at the door.

Hotel Questions

Is there a waiting list for the Hunt Valley Inn?

The waiting list for the Hunt Valley Inn is only available for attendees whose reservations were moved to another hotel because of construction delays. If you haven't made a hotel reservation yet, we recommend you check out our list of other area hotels.

Is there a shuttle available?

The Hunt Valley Inn will have a shuttle running continuously between the hotels where guests impacted by the constructions delays have been relocated. At this time, we believe the shuttle will be running during these time frames:

Please note that these times are tentative and will be updated as we get new information.

The Hotel I usually stay at is full. Are there other hotels in the area?

Most definitely. If you haven't made a hotel reservation yet, we recommend you check out our list of other area hotels.

Autograph Questions

Please be sure to also read the Autograph Policy for additional information.

How much will Richard Dean Anderson charge for his autograph?

Autograph prices are set by the individual guest. It is our current understanding that Mr. Anderson will be charging $75 for all autographs. (Please note that autographs are not included in the price of Mr. Anderson's photo op photos.)

Which guests will be participating in the official autograph session?

Silas Weir Mitchell and Teryl Rothery will sign one item for no additional charge during the official autograph sessions on Saturday and Sunday. All other guests will be charging a fee (amount to be determined by the actor) for their autographs, including Photo Ops photos. Please read the Autograph Policy for additional information about the official autograph sessions.

How do I purchase advance tickets for Richard Dean Anderson's autograph?

No special tickets are required for Richard Dean Anderson's autograph line. At Shore Leave, your convention membership allows you access to all of our guests' autograph tables. Please note however that many of our actor guests, including Mr. Anderson, do charge for their autographs. This transaction is between you and Mr. Anderson and you pay at the autograph table.