Shore Leave 38 Guest: Stuart S Roth

Stuart S Roth

Stuart is a pragmatic optimist with a pessimistic streak living in the Northeastern United States. Happily married and settled, he now cranks out periodic short stories and is finalizing a novel for publication.

Having been a lifelong amateur writer, Stuart currently toils in the real-world occupation of finance and accounting. This career unwittingly gave a jump-start to his creative avocation by allowing him to travel the world as an auditor. Over a two-year period he visited 14 countries and got to experience a much larger world. Some Indiana Jones like exploits included: concussing himself on a beam moments before introducing himself to the local management team; conducting an IT Audit in Morocco without speaking Arabic -- to a staff who didn't speak English! -- and presiding over an assignment in Vietnam while suffering from dehydration and the effects of malaria pills. To this day he cannot watch Apocalypse Now without having flashbacks to Nam: "The heat, the humidity... the horrible accounting".

Look for additional short stories and a novel currently in development.


Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-097738-518-8 Firebringer Press
978-097738-516-4 Firebringer Press