Shore Leave 37 Guest: Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson

Scott Pearson has published humor, poetry, nonfiction, short stories, and novellas, including a couple of mysteries, various other genre stories, three Star Trek stories, and two Trek novellas, the most recent being the eBook exclusive The More Things Change.


He contributed "Finders, Keepers" to the Space Grunts anthology, the Lovecraftian "The Squid that Came to Phil's Basement" to Space and Time Magazine, and three urban fantasy stories to the ReDeus shared-universe anthologies. Scott's latest published story is "On My Side" in A Quiet Shelter There from Hadley Rille Books. He contributed a sidebar to Middle-earth Envisioned and also cowrote the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex's 2015 brochure. No, really.


When Scott's not writing, freelance editing, or putting in a shift or two at his neighborhood tea shop, he and his daughter cohost the podcast Generations Geek, available at


Scott lives near the banks of the mighty Mississippi River, fabled in story and song, in personable St. Paul, Minnesota, with his wife, Sandra, and daughter, Ella, plus Zeus (the cat, not the god). Visit Scott online at and


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A Quiet Shelter There Hadley Rille Books
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1-93247-247-9 Nodin Press
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978-0-74348-780-1 Pocket

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