Shore Leave 37 Guest: Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger

Bob is a veteran Shore Leave guest, always bringing the latest news on movies, TV, Star Trek, comics and an odd assortment of other stuff. After spending 30 years in publishing, with DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Starlog Press, and weekly World News, Bob transitioned to the freelance writer's life. He has written for a surprisingly diverse set of clients including,, The Cooperator, Fairfield Magazine, and others. Bob won the 2009 Scribe Award for his novelization of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Most recently he, Peter David, and Michael Jan Friedman developed the universe bible for this summer's After Earth film, plus writing several stories and books set in the world. Last year, Bob and his wife Deb relocated from Connecticut to Maryland.

He is also a founding member of Crazy 8 Press, the new internet publishing venture launched at Shore Leave 33. For more, check out his blog at


Title ISBN Date Publisher
Tales from the Crimson Keep Crazy 8 Press
978-1-94058-905-3 Sequart Research & Literacy Organization
978-1-89254-407-0 Crazy 8 Press
978-0-34554-320-2 Del Rey
978-1-89254-406-3 Crazy 8 Press
978-1-60887-235-0 Insight Editions
978-0-34554-054-6 Del Rey
978-1-89254-405-6 Crazy 8 Press
0-76034-359-4 Voyageur Press
978-1-89254-403-2 Crazy 8 Press
1-60690-169-9 Dynamite Entertainment
Crazy 8 Press
0-78515-750-6 Marvel
1-46633-305-7 CreateSpace
Crazy 8 Press
0-82300-084-2 Watson-Guptill
978-0-76243-772-6 Running Press
Crazy 8 Press
1-93307-673-9 Moonstone
Del Rey
0-06180-731-1 Harper
1-45371-610-6 Int. Assoc. Media Tie-In Writers
1-93307-668-2 Moonstone
0-78932-035-5 Universe
0-76243-663-8 Running Press
0-34550-685-5 Del Rey
0-06135-844-4 Harper
1-60010-242-5 IDW Comics
1-93307-631-3 Moonstone
1-59307-954-0 Dark Horse
0-34550-106-3 Del Rey
0-06113-050-8 Harper
1-93377-106-2 Benbella Books
Troubleshooting (SCE) (e-book) 1-41653-306-0 Pocket
1-41652-576-9 Pocket
0-74349-254-4 Pocket
0-74349-253-6 Pocket
0-74349-171-8 Pocket
0-74346-289-0 Pocket
0-74346-285-8 Pocket
0-74347-707-3 Pocket
0-74346-443-5 Pocket
0-74345-683-1 Pocket
0-75640-063-5 DAW
0-74350-944-7 Pocket
0-74350-945-5 Pocket
0-74341-856-5 Pocket
0-67103-579-7 Pocket
0-67101-948-1 Pocket
0-67153-817-9 Pocket
0-67187-997-9 Pocket
0-67177-958-3 Pocket
0-67170-237-8 Pocket

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