Shore Leave 36 Guest: Rob Caswell

Rob  Caswell

Rob Caswell is an illustrator working mostly in the sci-fi genre. He's been a Trekkie since catching the show in syndicated reruns in the early 70's. The "TOS era" remains his primary Trek passion. He began his professional illustration career in the 1980s, working mostly with science fiction role playing games like "Traveller", "2300 A.D.", "Star Wars", among others. He was one of the key illustrator's for FASA "Star Trek: The Next Generation Officer's Manual", the first technical support book dedicated to the TV series.

One of Rob's Star Trek fan art projects inspired the "Star Trek: Seekers" novel series by David Mack, Dayton Ward, and Kevin Dilmore. This led to him being brought on to create cover art for the series. In addition to this work Rob frequently works with author Allen Steele to provide interior technical illustrations for his novels. Rob has his Bachelor's Degree in astronomy... which sounds really cool, even if it never led to a career in the field. He lives in the wilds of western Massachusetts.

Artwork for "the Seekers 1."Artwork for "the Seekers 2."Artwork for "the Seekers 3."Artwork for "the Seekers 4."


Title ISBN Date Publisher
1-47675-726-7 Pocket
1-47675-307-5 Pocket
(Star Trek Seekers 4) Pocket
(Star Trek Seekers 3) Pocket