Shore Leave 38 Guest: Kirsten Beyer

Kirsten Beyer

Kirsten Beyer is the New York Times Bestselling author of seven Star Trek Voyager novels, String Theory: Fusion, Full Circle, Unworthy, Children of the Storm, The Eternal Tide, Protectors, and Acts of Contrition. Her next novel in the ongoing Voyager series, Atonement, will be released at the end of August, 2015. She wrote the last Buffy book ever, One Thing or Your Mother, and the Alias APO novel Once Lost. She contributed to the short story "Isabo's Shirt" to the Star Trek: Distant Shores anthology as well as the short story "Widow's Weeds" to Space Grunts. She has also written several articles for Star Trek Magazine.

Kirsten appeared in Los Angeles productions of Johnson over Jordan, This Old Planet, and Harold Pinter's The Hothouse, which the L.A. Times called "unmissable." She also appeared in the Geffen Playhouse's world premiere of Quills and has been seen on General Hospital and Passions, among others.

She does not have a website, a blog, a Facebook page, nor does she Tweet. Those wishing to find her online should check out the literature section on the TrekBBS. She looks forward to establishing a more robust presence on the internet -- just as soon as she figures out how to write faster or discovers more than twenty-four hours in each day.

Kirsten received undergraduate degrees in English Literature and Theater Arts. She also received a master's degree from UCLA. She never intended to use her education to pursue a career as a novelist. But apparently, somebody up there had different plans.

Right now, she's writing the next Voyager novel. When she's not writing...she tries to extract every last drop of happiness she can from her life as a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. For now, she has no complaints.


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