Shore Leave 36 Guest: Jeffrey Lang

Jeffrey Lang

Jeffrey Lang is the author of several novels and short stories set in the Star Trek universe, including the Data-centric tales, Immortal Coil, and the to-be-released-shortly-before-Shore-Leave, Light Fantastic. He has also written comics for Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics and various small presses. He hopes he'll be able to say something about an original fantasy novel by the time the convention rolls around, but I guess we'll all have to be patient about that, won't we? Jeff lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA with his partner, Helen, three annoying cats, and an old dog.

Connect with Jeff on Facebook, see his publications on the Simon & Schuster web page, and find out if he follows through on his plans to post regularly on his new blog, Herding Cats.


Title ISBN Date Publisher
1-47675-051-3 Pocket
1-41653-415-6 Pocket
0-74349-254-4 Pocket
0-74349-253-6 Pocket
0-74345-718-8 Pocket
0-74349-171-8 Pocket
0-74347-073-7 Pocket
0-67178-494-3 Pocket
0-67178-493-5 Pocket
0-74344-838-3 Pocket
0-74340-592-7 Pocket
0-67177-483-2 Pocket
0-67102-840-5 Pocket

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