Shore Leave 38 Guest: Jeffrey Lang

Jeffrey Lang

Jeffrey Lang is the author of several novels and short stories in the Star Trek universe, including the Data-centric Immortal Coil and The Light Fantastic. His latest novel, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Force and Motion, featuring the latest misadventures of Nog and Chief O'Brien, was published in June 2016 and should be available for sale at the convention. Jeff has also written for other franchises, including Marvel Comics, as well as comics stories for various publishers. He's currently working on an original fantasy novel. 

Contact Jeff on Facebook. He lives in Bala Cynwyd, PA, with his partner, Helen, three neurotic cats, and two nervous dogs.


Title ISBN Date Publisher
978-150111-073-3 Pocket Books
978-147675-051-4 Pocket Books
978-141653-415-0 Pocket Books
978-074349-254-6 Pocket Books
978-074349-253-9 Pocket Books
978-074345-718-7 Pocket Books
978-074349-171-6 Pocket Books
978-074347-073-5 Pocket Books
978-067178-494-2 Pocket Books
978-067178-493-5 Pocket Books
978-074345-682-1 Pocket Books
978-074340-592-8 Pocket Books
978-067177-483-7 Pocket Books
978-067102-840-4 Pocket Books