Shore Leave 37 Guest: Howard Weinstein

Howard Weinstein

Writer Howard Weinstein is tackling historical fiction instead of science fiction.

Howie's upcoming new novel Galloway's Gamble stirs together some of Maverick's wit, Deadwood's grit, Lonesome Dove's epic sweep--and The Sting's plot twists--in the rollicking tale of young brothers Jamey and Jake Galloway. Born to gamble, they survive harrowing adventures as Civil War Johnny Rebs, Union Army Indian scouts and riverboat poker players. But have they learned enough to outsmart a land-grabbing cattle baron bent on trampling their hometown of Serenity Falls into the East Texas dust?

Howie helped co-found internet-based Crazy 8 Press in 2011. Crazy 8 continues to publish assorted works by co-founders Peter David, Michael Jan Friedman, Bob Greenberger, Glenn Hauman and Aaron Rosenberg, and many other writers. Check for the latest news.

Howie's recent writing includes a Star Trek Magazine (issue 38) feature about his 1986 behind-the-scenes visit to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. His most recent Star Trek fiction is "The Blood-Dimmed Tide," in the Star Trek: Mere Anarchy trade paperback.

His varied credits include "The Pirates of Orion" animated Star Trek episode, seven Star Trek novels, three V novels and 65 Trek comics. Other books: Puppy Kisses Are Good for the Soul, Howie's heart-warming account of life with his wonderful Welsh Corgi, Mail Order Annie; and a biography of New York Yankees star Mickey Mantle.

Howie also runs Day-One Dog Training (, celebrating 16 years of using Annie's valuable lessons to help dogs and humans have the best possible life together. Howie and his wife Susan lost their two beloved 16-year-old Corgis Mickey and Callie in 2012, but they welcomed their new Corgi puppy Shelby in May 2013. See Howie's entertaining Life with Dogs blog at


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