Shore Leave 37 Guest: Howard Weinstein

Howard Weinstein

After four decades writing lots of Star Trek and other science fiction, Howard Weinstein is turning around and writing about the past instead of the future.

Inspired by high-spirited classics like Maverick, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting, Howie's upcoming novel Galloway's Gamble asks: Can two young gamblers outfox a ruthless cattle baron bent on destroying their Texas hometown-without getting themselves killed?

The scrupulously-researched, historically-based Old West romp follows bickering brothers Jamey and Jake Galloway through adventures and narrow escapes as Civil War Johnny Rebs, Union Army Indian scouts, cattle-drive cowpunchers and riverboat gamblers.all of which may (or may not!) have prepared them to stop land-grabbing cattle king Wilhelm Krieg and scheming banker Silas Atwood.

Other historical fiction on Howie's list of things to write: a mystery (possibly a series) about a con man and a wrongly-disgraced cop who team up to solve high-profile crimes and embarrass the corrupt police department in 1870s Baltimore, and a Christmas time-travel tale set during the Great Depression.

Howie's most recent Star Trek story is "The Blood-Dimmed Tide" in Star Trek: Mere Anarchy. Other credits include "The Pirates of Orion" animated Star Trek episode; many Star Trek novels and comics; and Puppy Kisses Are Good for the Soul, Howie's warm and funny account of life with his legendary Welsh Corgi, Mail Order Annie.

Howie also runs Day-One Dog Training (, using Annie's valuable lessons to help dogs and humans have the best possible life together. Howie and wife Susan live in Maryland with their 2-year-old Corgi Shelby. Dog lovers can  find Howie's Life with Dogs blog at


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