Shore Leave 37 Guest: Amy Griswold

Amy Griswold

A fan of science fiction and fantasy ever since she first watched Star Trek at an impressionable age, Amy Griswold has written several Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 tie-in novels, including the Stargate Atlantis Legacy series (with Jo Graham and Melissa Scott) and Stargate SG-1: Murder at the SGC. With Melissa Scott, she is also the author of the Victorian fantasy/mystery novels Death by Silver and A Death at the Dionysus Club from Lethe Press, featuring detective Julian Lynes and metaphysician Ned Mathey.


Amy lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she writes educational test materials as well as novels, and tries not to confuse the two. She can be found online at and @amygris.


Title ISBN Date Publisher
Temporally Out of Order 978-1-94070-902-4 Zombies Need Brains LLC
978-1-90558-669-1 Fandemonium Books
978-1-59021-530-2 Lethe Press
978-1-90558-665-3 Fandemonium Books
978-1-59021-055-0 Lethe Press
978-1-90558-662-2 Fandemonium Books
978-1-90558-658-5 Fandemonium Books
978-1-90558-654-7 Fandemonium Books
978-1-90558-656-1 Fandemonium Books