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Welcome to Shore Leave 36

August 1 - 3, 2014

A Little Background

Shore Leave is a yearly science fiction convention held by The Star Trek Association of Towson, Inc. (STAT). It is an organization founded in 1978 by approximately ten people who shared an interest in Star Trek. A year later, they held the first Shore Leave Convention, which attracted even more Star Trek enthusiasts to their group. The club grew and as time went on the interests of the club expanded to include the promotion of not only Star Trek, but also of science fact and other areas of science fiction. Our fan-run, all volunteer staff offers a wide range of activities during the convention among them: an art show and auction, actor guests, a blood drive, science guests and programming, a masquerade contest, panel discussions, writer guests, gaming and a wide variety of programming.

Our convention will be held at the Hunt Valley Inn located in Hunt Valley, Maryland (just north of Baltimore.) Shore Leave is always looking for new and interesting Dealers for our Dealers' Room. We are specifically looking for those who have unusual, unique, and interesting wares that are beyond the norm of what can be found in the mundane world.

If you are new to Shore Leave and are interested in attending, please include:

Shore Leave appreciates its Dealers so much that in 2014 our table prices have been reduced!! Table pricing is as follows: $225.00 per table in the Maryland Room and hallway and $175.00 for the Garden Room. The first table comes with two convention memberships and each additional table comes with one convention membership.

There are several methods for paying. Please see the Dealers Room Registration Form for complete information.

Program book ads are available. Any Dealer interested in placing an ad in the Shore Leave Program Book should contact Joe Dorffner, our Program Book Ad Coordinator.

If you would like to know more about our convention, or would like to contact other dealers who have attended Shore Leave, please check out our website at

If you have any questions or concerns about doing business at Shore Leave, please contact the Dealers Room Coordinator.

If you would like to help us distribute Shore Leave flyers at conventions and other occasions, please feel free to download the current flier (PDF format). If you can't make copies and need a stack of fliers, please contact us with the number of fliers needed and a postal address. Thanks much in advance for your help.